Index Buddy
The easiest way to locate your day-to-day needs!


Index Buddy is founded and sponsored by Galactix Technologies (Pty) Ltd.  Galactix Technologies is a vibrant and dynamic company specializing in Mobile App Development, Systems Development, Website Development and Hosting, IT consulting and IT Equipment Services.  Galactix Technologies develop solutions to assist businesses to stay ahead of customer satisfaction trends by focusing on helping businesses to have direct marketing channels with their customers, increase customer engagement, provide online services, build brand awareness and stand out from the competition.

Index Buddy Vision, Mission and Objective

Our Vision is to be the preferred Advertising Platform and Online Directory in South Africa measured by the value we deliver to our Clients with the quality and ROI of our products and services.  

Our Mission is to provide our clients with innovative products, highly competitive prices and awesome service. We will enhance customer loyalty by continuously developing new and exciting product offerings and treating our clients as our biggest asset and strive to build long lasting business relationships with our clients.  

Our Objective is to offer all our Fellow Business Owners in all Industries, an affordable, convenient, easy to use, all in one platform where they can advertise their business on to ensure customers get to know their business Better, Easier & Faster!  Our platforms consist of the Index Buddy website and the Index Buddy Mobile App.  The listed businesses can advertise their specials, promotions, events and services on the Index Buddy platforms.  

Index Buddy Mobile App 

With the Index Buddy Mobile App, we allow businesses to go with their clients 24/7. Index Buddy makes life easier for customers as Index Buddy takes telephone directories a step further by finding and discovering businesses/Service Providers and providing the convenience to customers to call the entity directly from the app, get directions to the entity and get in contact with the entity via email.  Now customers can browse for Service Providers in various categories in one easy place.  Simply choose a category, select a Service Provider and begin the journey of an easier way to locate your day-to-day needs!